Groom’s Guide: The Pocket Square Boutonniere

I love a good pocket square.  Particularly ones that are patterned, bright and bold. Lately I’ve been noticing grooms forgoing the standard floral boutonniere for a pocket square, and I love it. The pocket square is a classic look and allows a man to add some color and style to his plain colored suit.  There are only so many things a man can do to a suit to dress it up. What’s great about a pocket square is you can fold it in all different ways and match it to your tie and socks.

Grooms, the pocket square is the new boutonniere, so use it to bring out your own unique style and expression to your look on your big day.

My favorite is the class white pocket square.  It’s very James Bond.

White Pocket SquareWhite Pocket Square











The pocket square with a coordinating bow tie and floral boutonniere is very stylish.

Pocket Square and Matching Bow Tie

Who doesn’t love a little color.  A groom will definitely stand out with these colorful combinations.

Colorful Pocket SquaresColorful Pocket Squares













Colorful Pocket SquaresColorful Pocket Squares













So how do you fold a pocket square?  That’s not an easy question to answer because there are almost as many ways to fold a pocket square as there are colors.  From the basic puff, where you simply fold the square and place it in the pocket, to the Dunaway fold, which is a combination of rolls and points, the choice is yours.  Like a signature scent, you should chose the fold that pleases you best and makes you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day.  One thing I will advise you is to stick to the very simpliest folds when working with linen or cotton, while with silk you can really push the boat out.

The two-point fold is one of the hippest way to wear a pocket square.

Step 1:  Lay the pocket square flat so it resembles a diamond.

Step 2:  Fold the bottom point up and slightly to the left of the top point.

Step 3:  Fold the left point in past the center, aligning the folded edge (fold it in thirds).

Step 4:  Fold the right point in as well (again, folding at the one-third mark); wrap the point around to the back.

Step 5:  Turn the pocket square over, and tuck it into the jacket pocket with the points up.

Two-Fold Pocket SquareTwo-Fold Pocket SquareTwo-Fold Pocket SquareTwo-Fold Pocket Square Two-Fold Pocket Square





Are you wearing a pocket square for your wedding?  What color, fabric, and fold did you chose?

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